Workplace Gender Equality

The past decade has borne witness to the steady movement towards workplace gender equality particularly with respect to education, health and female workplace participation.

 According to the Australian Government website, although Australia has been privy to developments in increased gender equality within the workplace, there still remains a prevalent gap in terms of women continuing to earn less than men, women less likely to advance their careers as far as men, as well as accumulating less retirement or superannuation savings in comparison to men.

This has led to increasing support particularly from multinational corporations, who are changing the landscape of gender equality within their workplaces through implementing campaigns and targets to achieve a fairer workplace for all. For example, ANZ’s latest campaign reinforces the underrepresentation of women particularly at senior levels of leadership within the workplace. Their TV advertisement states, “…Girls start off so far ahead but the system’s not designed for women to succeed…let’s create one that is.”

Similarly, the Law Society of New South Wales has created a ‘Charter for the Advancement of Women in the Legal Profession’, for law firms to sign and implement strategies with the aim of women accessing further opportunities within the legal profession.

We believe that fostering and encouraging female leadership and gender equality in the workforce is imperative and as a firm, we are proud to be a signatory to this Charter.

In support of this initiative, our firm is committed to continuing to develop our workplace culture which promotes diversity, inclusion and retention of women, promoting and supporting our female employees and removing gender bias and discrimination from our workplace.