All our lawyers have extensive experience in the field of environmental planning and development law.  Both Pauline Wright and Patrick Donnellan are accredited by the Law Society of NSW as specialists in local government and planning law, and Robert Byrd has demonstrated expertise in complex lease, commercial and property law in the planning and development sector.   Patrick is also a qualified mediator.

Pauline has been the chair of the Law Society of NSW Environmental Planning & Development Law Committee for many years and Patrick Donnellan is a longstanding member of the Local Government Lawyers Group, while Robert Byrd has experience unequalled in the region in local government property and leasing.

Having acted for both local government and private clients, we are in a unique position to advise our clients on the complex issues that arise in this highly specialised and complex field of legal practice.  We recognise that preserving your relationships with key stakeholders in your industry may be a priority for you and that being involved in litigation in the Land and Environment Court can be a costly exercise in terms of those relationships as well as time and money.  Our priority is to identify early and resolve your problems before they reach that stage.  Of course, it is sometimes necessary to go to court, but even then, our priority is to help you negotiate a successful outcome as early as possible in the process. 

If a resolution is not possible, we will vigorously pursue your interests in a contested hearing.  We have a demonstrated track record of success in the courts, from the Local Court to the Land and Environment Court, the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and the High Court of Australia.