Should I make a Will?

Seeking legal advice ensures that your Will is devoid of any mistakes or lack of clarity, particularly in the case of having multiple beneficiaries or complex finances/assets,  so that when the time comes for it to be read and interpreted, your wishes are maintained and upheld without being subjected to invalidity.

According to NSW Government Trustee and Guardian website, 45% of Australians do not have a valid Will. If you find yourself within this percentage of Australians it’s important to know that if you were to die, your estate would be distributed according to a pre-determined formula.

Furthermore, if your only surviving relatives are more distant than your cousins, your estate will pass to the Government. Therefore, if it is your intention to leave your estate to a friend or charity, having a valid Will is of great significance as the pre-determined formula does not allow for the distribution of your estate to people other than family in any circumstances.

Being prepared and having your wishes into creating a Will can save your loved ones a large amount of money and stress. Call us today if you would like to discuss making a Will.